Iwata’s new airbrush guide: 4 ways to spray


“Four ways to spray” – this is the name of the new marketing concept from the Japanese airbrush manufacturer Iwata. The company is assuming the difficult, but particularly helpful step for beginners, with this airbrush assortment being one you can classify as user friendly. The goal here is to give those interested in airbrushes a good look at the characteristics and advantages of every individual unit of the over 30 airbrush models, thus simplifying the selection for his and her individual needs. You may be familiar with similar systems from the world of sports, where i.e. a tennis racket would differ from a scale according to its quickness or precision.

Iwata spray gun. According to the geometric differences of different objects of different paint varieties, the following methods are often used to operate Iwata spray gun in Japan.
1. Transverse spray method. The spray pattern is straight. Hold the spray gun with the right hand. Start from the upper left side of the operator, move the spanner from left to right. Make a quick round trip down and left. Generally, the joint surface is 1 / 2, 1 / 3 and 1 / 4, which can be mastered according to the type of coating. When one area is finished, spray another surface in sequence. According to custom, spraying can also be carried out from the opposite direction, i.e. from the lower right side of the operator to the upper side.
2. Longitudinal spray method. The method is similar to the horizontal spraying method, except that the pattern of Japanese Iwata spray gun nozzle is changed to the horizontal direction, and the spray gun runs from left, top or top right down and back. You can also run back and forth from the bottom right or the bottom left.
3. Vertical and horizontal cross method. When spraying, spray back and forth longitudinally. When spraying for the second time, spray back and forth transversely. Change the direction of the drawing every time.

Post time: Dec-24-2019