Experts explain the difference between airbrush makeup and high-definition makeup

When it comes to beautification, we always want our makeup to be perfect. From mixing the foundation correctly to using the correct contouring technique, we make sure that all parts of the process are correct. Thanks to the constantly evolving beauty industry, we encounter new makeup techniques from time to time.

Currently, high-definition makeup and airbrush makeup have been dominating the beauty industry, the latter being the latest technology. But those who are not professionals will not know much about these technologies or the differences between them.


Experts shared, Airbrush makeup is a light makeup on an air gun machine. The liquid foundation sprayed on the face is poured into the small cavity of the air gun. When the button is pressed, the fine mist of the foundation is sprayed on the face to create a smooth makeup and blend the makeup into the skin . Blush, eye shadow, lip color and eyebrows can all be done with airbrush technology.”

“Airbrush makeup is suitable for people with oily skin. To get a perfectly smooth makeup, you need to hold the airbrush tool firmly. Otherwise, it will look completely unnatural and heavy,” she further said.

Make-up experts explained: High-definition make-up refers to the most common high-definition make-up. HD makeup is done in the traditional way, using brushes and mixing sponges. These products are more expensive than traditional cosmetics. These products are lighter in texture, smoother to apply, blend seamlessly, and have a more skin-friendly effect. It doesn’t feel like a cake at all. In fact, a thin layer covers all blemishes, patches and uneven skin tone, giving a flawless feeling. Nowadays, every brand is releasing its high-definition make-up series.

Post time: Jun-03-2021