Analysis On The Development Of Spray Gun Market At Home And Abroad

Spray gun is a kind of equipment which uses the rapid release of liquid or compressed air as the power. It can be used in building spraying and is an indispensable tool in the decoration process. It can be used in the field of vehicle spraying, such as automobile repair spraying, automobile OEM spraying, railway vehicle spraying, etc. it can also be used in metal spraying, plastic spraying, wood product spraying, industrial spraying, nano material spraying, art Spraying and other fields.

The spray gun is developed with the development of automobile industry and coating industry. In recent years, with the development of global automobile and coating industry, the spray gun industry is also developing, the product categories are increasing, the application fields are expanding, and the following characteristics are presented:

North America, Europe and Asia are the main consumer markets. The consumption demand of spray gun mainly comes from the fields of automobile, construction, wood products production and industrial products. The consumption situation has a great relationship with the development of downstream market. From the development of downstream market, it can be seen that North America, Europe and Asia are the main consumer markets of global airbrush, with large consumption demand.

Asia is the main supply region. With the development of spray gun Market in North America and Europe, Asia has gradually become the main spray gun supply area in the world under the trend of industrial transfer. Among them, China has benefited from the economic development and the rapid development of the spray gun industry. Major global manufacturers have gradually established wholly-owned or foreign-funded enterprises in China to engage in the production of products and promote the rapid growth of supply.

The competition among enterprises is increasingly fierce. There are some technical and financial barriers in the spray gun industry. At present, the main brands of the spray gun in the world include German SATA, Japanese ananiste Iwata, American finishing brands painting group, American gurik, Swiss Jinma painting, German Wagner, Japanese xucannak type club, etc. In recent years, with the development of the global spray gun industry and the progress of technology, more and more enterprises enter the industry, which makes the market competition increasingly fierce.

The ability of innovation is constantly improving. In recent years, driven by the market demand and the development of science and technology, the innovation ability of the global spray gun industry is constantly improving, the product types of spray guns are constantly expanding, the performance is constantly improving, and the market share of airless spray guns, automatic spray guns, environmental protection spray guns and other products is increasing.

The airbrush is a powerful creative tool that can stand alone as an artistic statement or be incorporated into an existing creative “tool box” to produce a rich layering of varied techniques.

At present, in the foreign industrial developed countries the airbrush in the automotive model and make-up industry is generally at a more advanced level, the world’s large enterprises are mainly concentrated in USA and Japan. Meanwhile, foreign companies have more advanced equipment, strong R & D capability, the technical level is in a leading position.

Although sales of airbrush brought a lot of opportunities, the study group recommends the new entrants who just having money but without technical advantage and downstream support, do not to enter into the airbrush field hastily.

Post time: Dec-24-2019